Journey – Intro

On May 22nd 2006 I set off on what I thought would be a three-year journey around the world without flying. Eight years, six continents, hundreds of hitchhiking rides and more than seventy countries later I again crossed the Greenwich Meridian in London where I started.

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I have been lost in the world's largest desert, I have swam with sharks 35 metres below the surface of the sea, I have climbed an erupting volcano, I have been shipwrecked on a tropical island, I have lived in a horse caravan, I have been a guest of honour with a Pashtun tribe and I have played with musicians from around the world. I have created projects supporting Moroccan street musicians, helping ending female genital cutting in Mali, rescuing an Australian permaculture community from bulldozers, aiding a classical youth string orchestra in a Brazilian favela and helping to create a network of open and ownerless alternative sustainable communities around the world. I have crossed continents in a caravan engaging in community building, seed exchange, educational theatre, street music and peace agreements, surviving more or less without money. I have created a global musical collaboration and I have learnt to support myself by singing songs in more than 20 languages.

My journey took me so far and touched me so deeply that, even if I am happy to finally have stopped physically travelling, I guess it would be true to say that I started a journey that can never end.