Sylvan Sound

Sylvan SoundSylvan Sound – A Musical Family of Ecosocial Artivists – is my project to give a voice to conscious artists whose lives are not only guided by music but by ecosocial sustainability in some shape or form; be it intentional community members, intergalactic spiritual travelling rainbows or tree-hugging eco-warriors…

So Sylvan Sound is an independent, alternative record label and global musicians’ collective which emphasises the context between artists, their art, their life-choices and their relationship to the earth and all its beings. Supporting a Sylvan Sound artist supports a greener and more socially just world!

Founded in 2018, we launch with only two artists and two albums – my own Norge På Langs, a soundtrack of Norwegian traditional music in modern clothing, and Ananse Y La Luna’s Tengo Que Cantar, both of which I recorded and produced here at the Sylvan Sound Temple.

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