Welcome to the cyberhome of multifaceted artist, spiritual world traveller and intentional community-builder Martin Voll.

This site is a collection of the creative endeavours of my life and can roughly be divided in three:

  • Art (with a focus on music and films)
  • Journey (my eight year round-the-world odyssey)
  • Community (my thoughts on sustainable intentional communities in general and my efforts to co-create one such haven here in Oaxaca, Mexico, along with a myriad of related projects such as my dream of building a Sound Temple)


Although very much a work in (slow) progress with many pages “under construction”, this website is intended to be an outlet for the dozens of half-finished film, music and book projects I will probably spend the rest of my life completing.

I offer a lot of my work, as an artist or otherwise, for free. I believe in free art and free culture, independent publishing and gift economy. You can gift me back on the Donate page if you wish.

There is a blog on this website, but I am not exactly a blogger. The blog is a useful tool to keep you up to date – enter your email below and every time I add something to this website I will write a quick blog entry about it, which you will receive in your inbox.

Unless otherwise specified, everything on this website is offered under the following Creative Commons licence: