Jasper Hall, Australia

An insight into the concepts of Permaculture, sustainabiliy and community through the eyes of the residents of the 40-acre community farm Jasper Hall in Australia. I visited this community on my round-the-world journey with a wish to get my hands dirty but ended up, as usual, behind the camera, this time to try to help save the community from local council bulldozers.

This is the 3-minute trailer which introduces the 33-minute documentary.

And here’s the full version. (This is what they wanted, I call it the “short version” as I imagine making a longer version for myself later on.)

Full project description coming soon.

5 thoughts on “Jasper Hall, Australia

      • hi martin, just watched the films again and it brought good memories to my heart! i wonder if you ever saved the long version, e.g. the i hour one…i have a copy but poor quality

        • Hey Andi, good to hear from you!!! Yeah, good memories, for sure, for me too! So… by “the long version” I think you mean my first rough cut (starting with my feet walking through the leaves…?) that I shared with all of you, you commented on it and then I shortened it down to what you see above? Yes, without having checked, I see no reason why that version shouldn’t exist on the hard drive where the whole project still lives. (If you mean the long version I some day wanted to – and perhaps still want to – make, then no, I haven’t made it!). Ah, you say you have a copy… I must have sent you a low quality copy from Brazil for you to comment on. Where I live now my internet is even worse and uploads are very difficult. I very rarely go to town but I could try to upload it to Vimeo or something the next time I go…? What do you want it for?

  1. Really nice video! I went wish my push bike from Sydney to there where I spent 10 days volunteering in 2014. I didn’t know how big this place is. I’m sad I didn’t stay longer and got to know the whole farm.
    Good job! Hope they’re still thriving!
    Cheers from Brazil!

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