I feel that everything I create is art. One might say that to qualify as art, an artwork can’t have a specific function. I disagree. I love function, purpose, context, whether it’s a beautifully carved eating bowl, a house that has been built with love and imagination, an information film to help end female genital cutting, a song to gather people for dinner or an article to help kindle the fire of our global ecological and social revolution.

I know a little bit about many ways to express, create and communicate and I’m on a life-long journey to fine-tune my voice as an artist. Here’s how I’ve organized the art on this website:

  • I play, compose and produce music
  • I make and edit films, mostly documentaries
  • I am a trained actor
  • I write – mostly website content and articles but I will one day write a book
  • I am a cameraman and enjoy taking photos
  • I’ve created this page to collect everything about my old studio, production company and record label Otherwise
  • I sometimes mix my skills with my partner’s Adria’s expertise in dance, yoga and massage
  • I sometimes enjoy charcoal drawing.

Click on that graphic to read the exact explanation, but it basically means that you can share, copy, edit and republish anything you find on this website with my permission, except for in your commercial projects. If you make money using my work, I should make some too.

The only exception is whenever I have made use of other artists’ copyrighted material, such as commercially released music, which I do without any ethical qualms in my non-commercial work. I cannot give you any rights to that material – you would have to ask the original artist.

Depending on the type of project, I try to follow some basic ethical guidelines in most of my work, which I summarised in a production value manifesto called “GEO Art 2014” and put on this website so that I can easily communicate how I choose to do things and also to allow others to follow the same framework for their own productions.