Surviving the Arctic

This is the epic adventure of my brother Anders and his friend Yngve crossing the ice-cap of Greenland along the Arctic Circle, following in the footsteps of the first explorer who ever did so, Norwegian Frithjof Nansen. Anders and Yngve are not the only ones these days to attempt such a crossing, but few do it like them – completely unsupported and only powered by their own muscles.

This is a rough cut (meaning not quite finished) of a promo version (meaning a little taster that you might send out to broadcasters in order to get the funding to actually finish it) of this documentary. I choose to post this version here as it’s the only one that exists in English, for the benefit of an international audience. This version contains commercial music that I have no right to use, but I nevertheless post it here as there is no commercial purpose behind it.

This is an Otherwise Production (in association with my friend Abi’s Sirokh Fenn Studios), filmed entirely by Anders and Yngve, and produced by Corinne and myself in our old studio, with some help from Abi. I have unfortunately forgotten the name of the English voiceover artist.

This was my first serious attempt at video editing. The story goes like this – I wanted to make a 5 minute promo cut but, being too ambitious, ended up with 12 minutes. We showed it to the satellite channel Viasat Explorer who broadcasts to the Nordic countries and Eastern Europe… they said they liked the film almost exactly as it was! I made a slightly more polished version with my voice on it in Norwegian and with purchased production music, and so in 2004 Surviving the Arctic was aired several times on Viasat Explorer.

Anders’ adventures will continue in the documentary Norge På Langs (Norway Lengthwise) in 2018/2019…

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